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Honda gets boost from lithium-ion batteries

Honda CR-Z gets boost from lithium-ion batteries

the Honda CR-Z Hybrid was described as the world’s first hybrid sports car: and now it is about to get much more powerful.
That’s because the 2013 Honda CR-Z (pictured), which goes on sale tomorrow, will feature a host of powertrain upgrades as well as a new lithium-ion battery pack that replaces the outgoing NiMH pack.

According to official figures, the new battery pack helps the CR-Z to achieve fuel economy figures that are 1mpg better in both highway and city conditions. The vehicle also comes with a six-speed manual transmission.
The hybrid powertrain featured in the new CR-Z is a variation on the original IMA technology that debuted in the Honda Insight back in 2000. It uses a 1.5litre, four cylinder, 16 valve single overhead cam engine with intelligent variable valve timing as well as lift electronic control.

Its electric motor offers a boost with acceleration, while also acting as a generator during both coasting and braking: it captures the kinetic energy to recharge the battery pack. It is even possible to switch off the petrol engine to boost vehicle efficiency with assist from the electric motor jumping from 10kW to 15kW compared to the previous model.

Overall, the vehicle now has a combined peak output of 130hp at 6,000rpm with torque at 190Nm.
Its fuel economy figures have also improved with a combined rating of 37mpg. It is also rated as an advanced technology partial zero emissions vehicle in states that use the California Air Resources Board ZEV standards.


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