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Lithium-ion batteries could be more powerful


  Lithium-ion batteries could be more powerful

Lithium-ion batteries, which are used in the next generation of electric cars, have long been seen as the ultimate solution for the battery powered generation. However, now it appears they could be about to get even more powerful.

That’s because Cabot Corporation has launched the LITX50 carbon conductive additive that is set to increase power and energy for the batteries that are used in both electric and hybrid cars; as well as in consumer electronics.

So what does the LITX50 additive do? The additive allows particles to be incorporated into an electrode layer thickness – and this improves both the coating properties of the paste and its conductivity. The additives offer higher solid loadings and packing densities and reduce the amount of solvent and conductive additive needed.

According to Cabot, it also offers superior performance under low temperature conditions. Cabot believes that the LITX50 additives complement the battery materials that are being employed in the next generation of electric cars and consumer electronics. It will allow battery makers to coat thinner and create more energy dense layers while achieving better performance. The LITX products are set to be only the first part of a new Cabot family of performance additives for advanced batteries.

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