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Custom-Made Batteries, Cutom Battery Packs

 Custom-Made Batteries, Cutom Battery Packs

Do you have a specific requirement for a battery that is not available off the shelf? Are you involved in a design project and you need a battery pack made to specific dimensions at a specific capacity?
Battery packs can be made using LiFeO4 battery cell, NiCd, NiMH, rechargeable Li-Ion cells or non rechargeable cells if required.


We have our own dedicated pack assembly plant, able to build any specification to meet your every possible need.  We hold a full range of batteries plus all connectors, tabs, leads and heat wrap, call us now with your requirements.
If so Tongyu can help. With over 10years in the battery industry we understand the needs of the customer and we have a specialist team that can aid you with your project. Tongyu have developed solutions for a number of customers over the years and in many cases have exceeded our customers expectations.

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